Yonsei MBA, the Only One in South Korea Featured in the Two Most Recognized Global Rankings
Date: 2020-02-24  |  Read: 1,327

Yonsei MBA has carried the flag for South Korea as the country's only MBA program named in the two most renowned global rankings. The full-time Global MBA and part-time Executive MBA were both spotlighted in the world's top 100 MBA rankings by the London-based publications, The Economist and the Financial Times.

Begun in 2010, the Yonsei Executive MBA has in a relatively short time proudly become a world-class MBA program with its distinctive educational experience. It provides one-of-a-kind education that integrates leadership and strategic thinking; collaborates with experts in various fields to solve current business problems and establish new strategic directions; and cultivates students' international perspectives at prestigious universities overseas.

Since its start in 1998, the Yonsei Global MBA has been recognized worldwide as a Korean MBA program equipped with global standards, adding to Yonsei’s already established reputation for high-quality business education.


» Executive MBA ranked among Top 40 in the world

The Financial Times ranked the Yonsei Executive MBA 34th among the world's top 100 part-time MBA and featured it in its list of the top 40 MBA programs. The Yonsei Executive MBA (EMBA) is an program for CEOs, executives, and senior managers that runs every other weekend.

The evaluation criteria used for the world's top 100 MBA rankings can be generally classified into graduates' career development and achievements, diversity of students and faculties, academic performance, and corporate social responsibilities (CSR).

The Yonsei EMBA was especially highly rated on pre- and post-MBA salary increases and current salary in the graduates' career developments and achievements assessment. The results reflect the goal of the program to ensure that CEOs, executives, and senior managers can take management skills to the next level and evolve into creative and strategic leaders. Moreover, as an outcome of an emphasis on ethics, the Yonsei School of Business scored among the top 20 programs on research performance and CSR, achieving the highest rankings on these two criteria among programs in South Korea.


» Global MBA has taken South Korea's only top 100 place

As a one-and-a-half-year full-time MBA program offered exclusively in English, the Yonsei Global MBA ranked 95th in The Economist's global full-time MBA ranking this year. The University of Chicago has topped the rankings, followed by Harvard University, HEC Paris, Northwestern University, and the University of Pennsylvania. In Asia, only six other programs were named among the top 100 MBA programs, with the Yonsei Global MBA the only one selected in South Korea.

The Economist's evaluation metrics include career development opportunities, self-development and educational experiences, annual salary growth, and alumni networking potential. Yonsei University's Global MBA program ranked, respectively, 31st, 59th, and 62nd in terms of job offers within three months of graduation, alumni networking opportunities, and educational experience.

Yonsei Global MBA has emphasized diversity within the program by admitting more than 60 percent of its new students from more than 15 countries every year so as to offer a truly "global" experience to students while also maintaining a high admission ratio of female students.

Led by the motto "Learn Business in a Global Way, Lead Business in the Asian Way," the Yonsei Global MBA is designed to develop students' competencies to solve real-world business problems through a curriculum that meets global standards while reinforcing Asian-related educational content. Leaders within the Yonsei School of business reinforce their emphasis on a global outlook by encouraging graduate and undergraduate students to participate regularly in case competitions around the world.

The school also operates a career development center that provides students with well-designed programs delivered through one-on-one career development coaching, career workshops, and career development-related courses. The Global MBA includes a special focus on networking within and without Korean business and industry through events that include two annual Global MBA alumni invitational events, lectures by selected business leaders, and various networking events with students in the EMBA program.

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