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Professor Bo Kyung Kim... Appeared on TV program under the theme of "Fashion is a Strategy."
Date: 2021-02-19  |  Read: 385


YSB Professor Bo Kyung Kim of Management appeared in four episodes of EBS TV’s “Business Review” program from August 23 to 27, appearances she described as partially paying back EBS for the fun she had in working there while in high school.


In her appearances, Professor Kim explained the hidden management strategies behind some companies’ successes, intermixing explanations of strategies with fun stories under her theme of “Fashion is a Strategy.” 


Specifically, she demonstrated the strategy Spanish fast-fashion brands have adopted instead of advertising; the corporate strategy of a global sports brand that constantly strives to improve the skills of athletes; strategies of leading companies to maintain the quality of craftsmanship and traditions behind the brands that account for their success; and examples of corporate strategies that have successfully pursued increases in corporate value and environmental protection at the same time.


Professor Kim commented, “As we discussed the appearance of the broadcast, I realized that there are very few female lecturers." So she decided to go on the program with the thought that if she appeared, she could also help enrich diversity. She then added that at first she thought the filming would be difficult because of the cameras, but fortunately, the contents and the method of the broadcast were not very different from her usual lectures. She got to film in a relatively comfortable atmosphere. 


Professor Kim worked part-time on EBS's “Scholarship Quiz” and other programs when she was in high school. She said she was grateful for EBS because of such a fun experience, and she wanted to help EBS if she had the opportunity.

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