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Yonsei Business Research Institute Publishes First Book on North Korean Business Management
Date: 2020-02-24  |  Read: 284

As a result of its ongoing studies of North Korean business management, the Yonsei Business Research Institute (YBRI) has published 『North Korean Business Management: System Transformation and Management Unification』 as the first book to document the results of this major project by the YBRI.

The YBRI has held several North Korean Business Management Symposia to foster academic exchanges between the North and South and increase awareness of North Korean business management practices. To ensure the continuity of the exchanges and to document the information exchanged so far, the presentations by each speaker have been summarized.

The book, written by four authors, discusses the establishment of an insurance system and the reform of state-owned enterprises under North Korea's reform and policies of greater openness. It also covers the investment strategies in North Korea through the lens of the investment experience in China. Moreover, the book features business unification strategies for a future united Korea.

Professor Jhin Young Shin, director of the Yonsei Business Research Institute, said, "We hope that this book will broaden people’s understanding of North Korean business management and attract more stakeholders to get involved." She added, "We also hope this book can provide a methodological foundation for business convergence between South and North Korea in both academic and practical aspects."

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