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North Korea Business Special Seminar Uses Movies to Expand Understanding and Empathy for Socially Disadvantaged
Date: 2019-08-22  |  Read: 506

Two movies were shown at the North Korea Business Special Seminar in March 2019 in an effort to increase understanding of, and empathy with, the lives of the socially disadvantaged and also show how helping them also helps their benefactors.

The seminar was held at Yongjae Hall by the Yonsei Business Research Institute and jointly organized with the Yonsei Brand & Business Marketing Research Center and the Yonsei Center for Global Business Ethics and Responsibility.



Participants first watched We Can Dream, a short documentary film produced by YSB Marketing Professor Dae-Ryun Chang. It featured the daily lives of people with disabilities working as bakers at the WeCan Center, a social enterprise for promoting independence for people with disabilities. "I hope that this movie, which shows people with disabilities working hard and seeking rewards through work, will help reduce prejudice and the egocentric framework prevalent in our society," Professor Jang said.




The second film was Director Sang-Mee Choo’s The Children Gone to Poland.  It tells the story of teachers and North Korean orphans at a nursery school. In 1951, at the height of the Korean War, the North Korean government secretly sent the orphans to Poland in 1951 and summoned them back in 1958. “While making the film, I realized that their Polish teachers also had historical scars similar to the broken hearts experienced by the North Korean war orphans, and I came to understand the infinite and spontaneous compassion of the Polish teachers that they shared with the  North Korean orphans,” Choo said. “I hope the love of life will be realized beyond the differences of race and nationality by understanding others, empathizing with others’ scars, and healing their broken hearts.”




"I was deeply moved by the Polish teacher's words that she was able to be saved from her past by comforting and protecting people who suffered similar scars, and I hope that there will be active discussions at the corporate social responsibility level as well as at the individual level to understand and embrace the underprivileged," said Young-Soo Kim (entering class of 2015, Business) who participated in the seminar.

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