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The Last Lecture of Professor Sejo Oh: Full of Gratitude and Support
Date: 2018-02-06  |  Read: 1,265

Approximately a 100 people turned out December 14 to hear retiring Marketing Professor Sejo Oh urge young students to continue their pursuit of innovative changes in Korea’s distribution system, business management, and university management.


 His audience included his undergraduate and graduate students, MBA students, YSB faculty, committee chairmen and members of the MBA alumni association as well as members of distribution associations. Professor Wonhee Noh at Korea University, who received his Ph.D. under Professor Oh’s supervision, hosted the event.


  [Professor Sejo Oh spoke to about 100 people in his final lecture before retirement.]


In his opening remarks, Professor Oh reflected on his past efforts to advance distribution systems and promote the inclusive growth of business with an innovative and integrated approach toward diverse topics such as management, marketing, distribution, and franchising. He also looked back on his efforts to reform university management. In his concluding remarks, Professor Oh said, “I wish all of us would contribute to society with cooperation, volunteering, love, and patience.”


YSB Dean Young Ho Eom spoke of his appreciation of Professor Oh’s effort to cultivate the next generation of academic leaders and also recalled when he first came to Yonsei University and Professor Oh was a director of the Business Department at Yonsei University. He asked Professor Oh for his continued support and attention to YSB.


Marketing Professor Donghoon Kim praised Professor Oh’s academic passion and achievements and his academic productivity that produced numerous future scholars. He said, “Professor Oh has been a great influence with his strong will and commitment to improving academia, business, industry, and public sectors. I hope he will keep pursuing his undiminished passion for future achievement.”


Jong Hwa Lee, the present chairman of the Yonsei Business Administration Alumni Association, said in his remarks, “We can go farther when we go together. Yonsei business administration alumni will always be with Professor Oh on a journey to make society find a balance between reason and emotion.”  


 [YSB faculty poses with Professor Oh (center) to mark his retirement.]


Professor Oh received his bachelor’s degree in business from Yonsei University, his master’s degree in Business from Seoul National University, and his Ph.D. from the University of Cincinnati in the United States. Since he joined YSB in 1990, he has contributed to developing the fields of distribution and franchising by publishing more than 60 papers in top academic journals and writing 17 books regarding marketing, retail management, and distribution management. He has been committed to serving society and Yonsei University in numerous key positions.

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