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YBRI Session Focuses on Direction of Automotive Industry During the Forth Industrial Revolution
Date: 2018-08-08  |  Read: 1,103

The looming changes in manufacturing, marketing, and other facets of the automotive industry because of greater reliance on automation, electronics, and electric propulsion were under discussion in April at sessions hosted by the Yonsei Business Research Institute(YBRI).


The first presenter, Dr. Jung Soo Kang, discussed the niche and mass markets for electric automobiles and four types of market threat. Following Kang’s presentation, Taebong Ko, executive director of Hi Investment & Securities Research, explained the crisis of General Motors in Korea, how it modified its strategy, and the challenges it faces. 


In the next session, Dong Hun Lee, director of the Global Business Intelligence Center of the Hyundai Motor Group, and Gunwoo Kim, a researcher at the LG Economic Research Institute, respectively, led Q&A sessions on the new landscape of automation and the digital revolution in the automotive industry.

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