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Professor Dae Ryun Chang’s 『Mastering Noon Nopi』 Recognized in the 2016 Sejong Academic Section
Date: 2017-02-06  |  Read: 556

Mastering Noon Nopi: The Art & Science of Marketing in Asia』 written by Yonsei School of Business Professor Dae Ryun Chang of Marketing was recognized in the 2016 Sejong Academic Section, which was sponsored by the Publication Industry Promotion Agency of Korea.


His book was one of 320 selected from 3,891 books published from March 2015 to February 2016. They were selected through a screening process involving experts from each field.


His books selection followed favorable reviews for contributing to the development of social science by providing answers to the question, ‘How should Asia, the world’s fastest growing continent, approach marketing?’ Professor Dae Ryun Chang aimed to share insights and experiences gained over a long career of marketing lectures, academic research, and other relevant activities such as consulting.


This book is targeted at marketing practitioners and readers interested in personal branding because it complements concrete theories with rich anecdotes and personal experiences. This book also contains numerous business reviews the author submitted to the Harvard Business Review Online and core academic papers and cases related to Asian marketing. Moreover, this book has been assigned as a reference book by six online classes on Coursera MOOC, an open online lecture program with an audience of about 20,000 students from 200 nations as of last year.


Books recognized in the 2016 Sejong Academic Section sponsored by Publication Industry Promotion Agency of Korea are expected to be disseminated to about 1,400 places such as public libraries and libraries in military bases. Sejong Academic Section began in 1996 under ?sponsorship of the ? Publication Industry Promotion Agency of Korea to inspire publication of outstanding academic books and foster a Korean knowledge society.

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