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Professor Jeehong Kim’s New Book Recommended by Librarians of National Library of Korea
Date: 2017-02-06  |  Read: 1,401

Life Changing Empathy written by YSB Professor Jeehong Kim of Accounting is on the Librarians' List of recommended books at theNational Library of Korea


His book is designed to help readers understand the role of empathy in today’s busy society, especially those readers with difficult relationships at home or in the workplace. Professor Kim uses various anecdotes to show readers how to use empathy to fill the void in one’s heart caused by scars and conflict in relationships with others. The book explains how to understand empathy by dividing it to four subtopics: understanding personality, understanding differences, conversation and communication, and the language of love and core emotions. Moreover, with sample questions for application, anecdotes of successful and unsuccessful cases, the book provides readers with an opportunity to apply their understanding and knowledge of empathy.


Since its publication in August 2016, Professor Kim has received many calls for counseling. “To make the Liberian’s List brings me greater pleasure than to win any other reward, and I hope readers’ hearts will be touched, strengthening them to heal broken relationships and guiding them to a happier life,” Professor Jeehong Kim said after receiving the award.

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