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4 Current Students Developed a Fact-Check Site for General Election Candidates
Date: 2020-08-24  |  Read: 785

A team of Yonsei students consisting of Jin-Bae Park (Business Administration, entering class of 14), Yong-Hyun Park (Business Administration, entering class of 14), Jong-Geun Lee (Business Administration, entering class of 14), and Eun-Pyo Kim (Russian Language and Literature, entering class of 19) developed a fact-checking site for the April general elections that was visited by 5,527 people.


The site — No Fact No Vote (—permitted voters to search for and click on candidates’ names to gain access to the National Election Commission website for information such as candidates’ fulfillment of military service, property transfers, and tax payments. News articles containing controversial information about candidates could also be accessed, along with comments about candidates from political parties, such as the United Future Party and the Democratic Party of Korea. Real-time report updates were also available through the “report” function.

Jin-Bae Park was the first of the group to be interested in developing a fact-check site. He was interested in computer-related studies, so he took courses in computer science and worked as a developer at a startup company. Currently, he works as the CEO and developer of Gorilla Bomb Co., Ltd.

Park said, "Although absurd remarks and controversial behavior by politicians are often an issue, most of them are forgotten by the public over time," adding, "we have developed a fact-check site to help voters easily go through past controversies caused by candidates who voters like to know about or by candidates of the local districts."

In an interview after the general elections, Park said, "I am sure that the people’s interest in politics has been increased, as we have achieved the highest voter turnout ever," and added, "I hope that in the upcoming elections, people-oriented elections based on facts will carry on. I was under a lot of pressure while working on this project, but it was a good experience. I recommend that students experience a lot of extracurricular activities or startup projects other than their school coursework." 

[From Left :  Yong-Hyun Park, Jin-Bae Park, Jong-Geun Lee (entering class of 2014)]

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