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Learning How Business is Changing.. MBA Global Programs
Date: 2017-08-28  |  Read: 1,475

Students from across YSB’s MBA programs participated in collaborative  programs this summer in the United States and Europe.


Eighty-one students participated June 26 29 in programs in Spain at ESADE at Barcelona and at the IE Business School at Madrid. Thirty-nine Executive MBA (EMBA) students (entering class of 2016) led by Professor Kang Heum Yon attended the session at ESADE, and 42 Corporate/Finance/Global MBA (C/F/G MBA) students led by Professor Andres Guiral participated in the program at the IE Business School.


Five lectures with an overall title of “Fostering a Global Mindset” awaited EMBA students at ESADE. Among them were Professor Ll.  Martinez-Ribes’ “Marketing Innovation” and Professor J.  Brinckmann’s “Creating Growth Ventures.” The C/F/G MBA students attended four lectures on Spain’s economy. Among them were Professor Juan Carlos Martinez Lazaro’s “European and Spanish Economic Outlook,” and Professor Fernando Cortinas’ “Internationalization of Spanish Companies.” All lectures were taught by local professors. After the lectures, students visited local firms. The EMBA students visited Bella Aurora, and the C/F/G MBA students visited Talgo, a manufacturer of trains, and aircraft manufacturer Airbus.


The next global learning program was held July 7-16 at Cornell University, a first for the Ithaca, New York, school. EMBA students (entering class of 2017) led by Professor Kil Soo Suh participated in the program organized around the topic of “Strategic Leadership for Innovation.”


Five lectures were presented on the topic. They were Professor Steve Gal’s “Design Thinking,” Professor Risa Mish’s “Critical Thinking,” Professor Elizabeth Mannix’s “Entrepreneurial Mindset and Creating Innovation Culture,” and Professor Erica Dawson’s “Negotiations for Results” and “Making Change Happen.” The students also visited Corning, a leader in materials science technology and innovation, and AOL, an Internet service provider. A visit to Wall Street gave them opportunities to not only get a glimpse of the past but also to improve their understanding of the current global financial market.


The last global program of the summer was held July 31-August 3 at Loyola Marymount University. Thirty-five C/F/G MBA students participated. Because the program was held in Los Angeles, a leader in the global entertainment industry, the topic was “Innovation in the Entertainment Industry.” Professor Hyuntak Roh of Management led the program.


The four lectures on the entertainment industry were Professor Julian Saint Clair’s “The Art and Science of Brand Storytelling,” Professor Steve Rossmann’s “The Ever Changing Business of Entertainment,” Professor Susan Scheibler’s “Making Media in a Flat World: Transnational Media,” and Professor Yongsun Paik’s “Global Talent Management: Implications for Korean Companies.”


The students visited Sony Pictures Entertainment, YouTube, the Walt Disney Animation Studio, and Electronic Arts, a video game company.


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