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MBA Students Gain Exposure To Global Business Environment
Date: 2018-08-17  |  Read: 1,079

During the summer break, MBA students in the Yonsei University Graduate School of Business participated in the Global Field Trip (GFT) and Global Experience Trip (GET) programs in cooperation with universities in the United States and Europe.


» ESADE, Spain: ‘Build a Global Mindset With In-Depth Knowledge’


Forty-two members of the eighth Executive MBA (entering class of 2017) participated the GFT June 23-30 at ESADE in Spain, accompanied by Professor Kil Soo Suh of Information Systems as their advisor.


Lecture topics by ESADE professors included “Understanding the European Economy,” “Creating Growth Ventures,” “Marketing Innovation,” “Innovate or Die!” and “Game Changers.”


Company visits included Modus Dutti, Bella Aurora, and FC Barcelona, where the director of digital innovation gave a lecture on digital transformation and also guided the students on a tour of the FC Barcelona museum.


» IE, Spain: ‘The Importance of Culture in Business’


Forty Corporate/Finance/Global MBA students participated June 24-29 in the 2018 summer semester’s GET to the IE Business School in Madrid, Spain. Professor Andreas Guiral of Accounting accompanied them as an advisor.


Lectures for the program were organized to emphasize the importance of culture in running a business. Lecture topics covered “Transformational Leadership across Cultures,” “The European & Spanish Economic Outlook,” “Business, Government, and Society,” and “The Internationalization of Spanish Companies.”


As a company visit, the students visited REPSOL, which is the biggest Spanish energy firm and also operates in Korea. The students also visited a winery, where they heard a lecture on the economics of the wine industry.


» Cornell University, USA: ‘Digital Leadership’


Thirty-one students in the ninth Executive MBA (entering class of 2018) traveled to Cornell University in the United States July 8-15 for their first GFT. Professor Jhin Young Shin of Finance went with them as an advisor.


Lectures emphasized the importance of digital leadership in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Lecture topics covered “Digital Strategies for Innovation,” ”Fintech,” “Critical Thinking,” “Influencing Others,” “Creating a Creative Culture,” and “Making Change Happen.” The lectures carried special impact because they were delivered on the Cornell Tech Campus, which was built in 2017 on Roosevelt Island to be the hub of the tech industry in New York City.


The students also toured SAP, a German multinational company that provides services across numerous business segments such as finance, operations, human resources, business transactions, and asset management. The visit included a lecture about SAP’s global strategies and goals.


» Loyola Marymount University, USA: ‘Innovation in the Entertainment Industry’


Thirty three students of Corporate/Finance/Global MBA participated at GET July 30-August 3 in Loyola Marymount University, located in Los Angeles, USA, accompanied by Professor Soon Hong Min of Operations Management as their advisor


Lectures by professors from Loyola Marymount covered “The Art and Science of Brand Storytelling,” ”The Ever Changing Business of Entertainment,” “It All Starts With a World,” and “Global Talent Management,” all of which were tied closely to the theme of the trip, “Entertainment Innovation.”


The theme was further emphasized by the companies the students visited: Electric Art, which produces games; Hulu, the entertainment and cultural content company; 21st Century Fox; and IMAX.

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