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Yonsei, Korea University MBA Students...Adding new tradition to universities’ Yon-Ko Festival
Date: 2019-02-15  |  Read: 707

MBA students from YSB and Korea University put their own stamp on the Yon-Ko Festival held annually between the two schools by staging their own competition on October 13 to build ties between the two programs through friendly competition.


More than 200 students, alumni, their families, and professors participated in the event. Il Im, associate dean of the Yonsei Graduate School of Business, professor of Han Jae-hoon from Yonsei MBA and professor of Dong-Won Lee from Korea MBA took time from teaching and researching to encourage the participants.


Led by the MBA Students Association from the two universities, the MBA Yon-Ko Festival was held to encourage as many students as possible to attend and enjoy. They showed off their accumulated skills and teamwork by playing tug-of-war, a six-member relays, soccer, and basketball.


Joo-Seok Yoon, president of Yonsei MBA Students Association, said, “I would like to place great significance on the fact that this event is the first MBA match to be held. I would like to express my gratitude to my more than 100 colleagues who participated in the event. He added, “Although this was the first time and there were some parts that need to be improved, it was still very satisfactory for all the participants. We believe that we will prepare better for next year.”


A student who attended the MBA Yon-Ko Festival, said, "It was great to have good memories before graduation, especially because the programs were all fun and exciting to participate in as a team. I hope that the MBA Yon-Ko Festival will continue to be a great event for alumni to also enjoy together.

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