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MBA Students Learn How Business Operates in China, Vietnam, Singapore
Date: 2019-02-20  |  Read: 1,115

Yonsei Graduate School of Business introduced MBA students to global business experiences during the winter semester with field trips to China, Vietnam, and Singapore.


First, 27 students in the ninth executive EMBA class visited the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) in Shanghai for three days from January 10 to January 12, 2019. Associate Professor Joo-Young Kwak of International Business and Professor Jhin Young Shin of Finance guided the students on the field trip.


On the first day, they visited Cosmax to hear the business experiences of the Korean cosmetics company in its operations in China. On the second day, Professor Dr. Wu Hosei of CEIBS gave a lecture on China's economic rise. A panel discussion followed with senior officials from Chinese-based Korean and Chinese companies. Seung-Hee Han, a partner of PwC China, Young-Joon Bae, CEO of Sun-Jin Smartmedia, and Wook Huh, CEO of Yulchon Shanghai, were panelists.


Thirty-five students from the corporate, finance, and global MBA programs participated from January 28 to February 1 in a Global Experience Trip (GET) at Vietnam National University (VNU) under the leadership of Professor Jae-Hoon Hahn of Finance. Thirty-three students from the same programs attended a similar GET program on the same dates at Singapore National University (SNU) under the leadership of Associate Professor Sung-Joo Bae of Operations Management. 


At VNU, local professors lectured on Vietnam's culture and economic situation, its investment environment, and summarized consumer and market analyses and human resources, all essential ingredients for managing in Vietnam. In addition, they thoroughly analyzed the business strategy of the SONHA Group, which is emerging as a multinational company, and visited Vietnam's K-Campus, a business incubator, to see the status of start-up development.


Students who participated in the NUS program attended lectures covering such subjects as the startup ecosystem, artificial intelligence, financial technology, blockchain, and business analytics, under the theme of “Information Technology & Startups in the Asia-Pacific Region.” In visits to digital security companies, such as V-Key, Inc., and global companies IBM and DELL, the students were able to see the technological development of Singapore as a global country.


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