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Making a Contribution to Society by Business Knowledge...Social Contribution Consulting Project: uSEE
Date: 2019-08-22  |  Read: 898

Thirty-seven students, separated into six group, attended their final briefing on May 30 for their participation in a Social Contribution Consulting Project: uSEE, a startup and intensive major course of the Yonsei School of Business.

Both a course and a management consulting experience, uSEE is designed to have students choose projects that help residents of problem areas create jobs and revive their local economies by sharing their managerial knowledge. The students work closely with Seoul  social and economic revitalization projects.

Before the one-semester briefing session, YSB Dean Kil-Soo Suh thanked students who participated with the Seodaemun-Gu Office and the Seoul Province Self-sufficiency Center, saying, “The global trends in business are sustainability and win-win values, and the YSB is implementing these trends and setting good examples.”

Seok-Jin Mun (entering class of 1974, Business), the mayor of the Seodaemun-Gu Office who attended the briefing, encouraged the students. He told them,  "It is a valuable experience to master a project from planning to implementation. I hope you continue to build up a solid foundation of business knowledge and become global leaders.” 



Sung-Wook Choi (entering class of 2016, Business) who participated in the class, consulted with the  operators of Cafe Alo. “We improved the store interior and promoted it based directly on market research. Daily average sales increased nearly 100% through a series of activities, such as selecting signature menus,” he explained. He said, “The most meaningful thing was to establish a store and a customer service manual for catering."



Another class participant Ga-Young Huh (entering class of 2016, Business) gave this evaluation of the class: “This class is significantly attractive in that education that takes place in the field outside the classroom always inspires and motivates students. I am very thankful for this class because it gives students direction to realize the public interest with their business knowledge, given that students, not an ordinary business, consult with a social enterprise or self-sufficiency center that is unfamiliar to them.

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