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Start-up, My Growth, and New Challenges Tada CEO Jae-Wook Park Gives Lecture
Date: 2019-08-22  |  Read: 410

Attendees at the 15th colloquium of the Yonsei School of Business and YVIP (YSB Venture, Innovation & Startup Program) heard firsthand April 29 from Tada CEO Jae-Wook Park what it takes to get a startup up and running. Tada has seen a steady rise in its use as it develops a new mobility platform for a ride-hailing service.



Park said a developer should first feel uncomfortable about the market and then develop a product that can relieve this discomfort. At this point, because most of the problems can be identified through data, decision making should be based on that data rather than on intuition. A good team with valuable vision combined with data will turn out good products that lead to steady growth, he continued. He also said that the company should establish its own culture and work to create an environment that will attract the necessary talent as the company grows.


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