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ESADE Graduate Students on YSB Study Tour
Date: 2018-02-14  |  Read: 876

Thirty-three students in the master’s marketing and finance programs at ESADE Business School of Spain participated for five days in January in the YSB Winter Study Tour program.



Participants learned the corporate culture and marketing strategies of Korean firms through six lectures on “Global Marketing-Competing in Globalizing Industries.”  These lectures were as follows: ▲Global Marketing Strategy of Korean Firms (YSB Professor Park Young-Ryeol of International Marketing) ▲Customer Value Management and the Marketing Strategy Process (YSB Professor Youngchan Kim of Marketing) ▲The We-Me Culture: Marketing in South Korea (YSB Professor Dae Ryun Chang of Marketing) ▲Global Innovation Strategy (YSB Professor Subin Im of Marketing) ▲Understanding the Korean Economy (Economics Professor Doowon Lee at Yonsei University) ▲Korean Business Culture & Its Impact on Business Development (Peter Underwood, a third-generation descendant of Horace G. Underwood, founder of Yonsei University).



Participants also visited AmorePacific and Hyundai Motors Studio. They learned about the globalization and future of the Korean cosmetics industry, and the Hyundai Motors Studio gave them a great opportunity to see the history and future of the Korean automobile industry.


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