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Future of Asset Management and Creative Talents in Finance: The 28th CL Forum
Date: 2018-02-13  |  Read: 953

“The Future of Asset Management and Creative Talents in Finance” drew about 150 students in November to YSB’s 28th CL (Creative Leadership) Forum to learn about careers in the financial field and gain practical advice from alumni working in it.

In the first session, Jong Jun Won (entering class of 1998, Business), CEO of LIME Asset Management, spoke on the structure of the financial market, its global trends, and the current and future outlook for asset management.



[Jong Jun Won, CEO of LIME Asset Management, surveyed the field for students interested in careers in finance.]


The second session featured a panel discussion by participants Hyun-seok Kang (entering class of 1999, Business, a director at Daishin Securities), Sung Kyu Lee (entering class of 1999, Business, vice president of Samsung Asset Management), Jung Woo Kim (entering class of 2000, Business, a director at JP Morgan), and Soo Youn Kim (entering class of 2002, Business, team manager at KB Securities). Along with a detailed explanation of each field of the industry, the discussion was a great opportunity for students to learn Smart Beta Exchange Traded Funds, structuring and financing mechanisms and relations with foreign IB firms.


 [Panelists introduced students to each field of the financial industry.]


[Students came to the lectures and panel discussions to learn about careers in finance.]

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