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50 Years and 25 Years Later … Reminiscing about Collegiate Years
Date: 2017-08-22  |  Read: 501

YSB’s classes of 1963 and 1988 recently marked their 50-year and 25-year anniversaries with a reunion ceremony.


The ceremony opened with a congratulatory speech from Dean Young Ho Eom, who thanked the alumni for returning to campus and also gave a presentation on the history of YSB and the vision for the school’s future.


He was followed by speeches from representatives of the classes. “Now that I’ve made it to the 50-year anniversary, I would like to see all of you at the seventy-fifth anniversary,” Gyeong Hun Lee (entering class of 1963, Commerce) said, representing the class of 1963. “I look forward to seeing YSB’s education quality improve in upcoming years, not only in terms of hardware but also in terms of software.”


Jae Hyeong Chin (entering class of 1988, Business) said, “I couldn’t sleep last night because I was so excited to come back to Yonsei after 25 years. This event is like a touching family reunion for all of us.”


Celebrating the reunion, Myeongjun Kim (entering class of 1963, Business, Chairman of Woory Corporation)  donated 50,000,000 won for the development of YSB.


“To come back to school after 50 years is quite moving. It makes me glad to see young students studying in a much better environment,” Yeong Gil Shin (entering class 1963, Commerce) said in commenting on the ceremony. Seung Bong Lee (entering class of 1988, Business) said, “It’s amazing that we recognize each other so quickly after 25 years. Moreover, I’m very happy for this opportunity to make new alumni friends .”


BizYon, YSB’s public relations society,  hosted a tour of YSB as part of the celebration.

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