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Multinational Corporation Career CL Forum... Be a Global Talent
Date: 2016-02-23  |  Read: 275


On November 5, Yonsei School of Business and the Korean CEO’s Association of Multinational Corporations (KCMC) held a joint Multinational Corporation Career Creative Leadership Forum designed to expose students to a variety of industries as well as career path opportunities.. This was the twenty-first Creative Leadership Forum.


The forum consisted of two parts. The first was the keynote address by Woosung Shin, president of KCMC and president of BASF Korea, followed by the career conference, which was attended by numerous CEOs of global corporations. The list included Dongsoo Lee, representative director of Pfizer Korea Corporate; Byungnam Rhee, head of the Boston Consulting Group, Seoul Office; Wonjoon Hyoung, president of SAP Korea; Joonkee Hong, head of the UBS Seoul office; Youngsook Park, president of Fleishman-Hillard Korea; and Suekyung Lee, CEO of P&G Korea. KBS announcer Hangri Cho, entering class of 2007, Business major, facilitated the forum.


After discussing BASF in the keynote address, KCMC President Woosung Shin emphasized to students the need to become transnational nomads in order to become global talents and to become a vessel capable of long voyages with core competences rather than a high-speed dinghy. 


The career conference was moderated by Professor Hyunhan Shin of YSB. The panelists discussed the capabilities required to join multinational corporations and fielded questions about university life and the way to build a career path. Panelist Joonkee Hong mentioned that “talents who are considerate of customers and colleagues and think from the perspectives of others can produce great ideas” and advised students that to become global talents to take ownership and develop skills to lead others cooperatively. Panelist Suekyung Lee emphasized that modesty is not always a virtue and urged the students to develop capabilities to make themselves stand out among countless others. Every panelist agreed on the necessity of a resolute and challenging mind for one’s career and of not being afraid of failure in confronting opportunities.


“This forum is absolutely adequate for developing talents with global competitiveness at this point of time in preparing for the next 100 years,” said Dean Donghoon Kim of YSB. He asked the students to take advantage of the opportunity to gain information and insight from the forum because of the rarity of multinational CEOs to be gathered in one place.


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