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France EDHEC Students’ Special Spring Semester
Date: 2015-08-24  |  Read: 1,052

“I can say that the GMC program that is provided by the Yonsei School of Business has been the best thing I have experienced outside of France up to now. It is an honor to have had the chance to study in Asia’s top prestigious university, Yonsei University. It was an enjoyable time to experience the diverse culture and meet new people.” (Pierre Caranton)

“Yonsei University School of Business’s teaching methods provide not only delivering knowledge to the students, but also motivation that allows students to constantly build their self-consciousness and gain open-mindedness. As I met new students and professors, I learned to interact with different people, and I have grown to become more autonomous and independent.” (Jacqueline Schaum)

This is how the EDHEC participants in the Yonsei Global Manager Certificate Program (GMC)appraised their experience. This program coincided with the beginning of the semester in March 2015 and lasted for about four months. At the request of its partner school, EDHEC, Yonsei School of Business opened a special course for 20 undergraduate students from the School of Business to help them understand Korea’s economy and Korean companies’ business atmosphere.

The students registered for five courses — Business Negotiation, International Management, Project Management, Business Development Strategies, and Cross Culture and Communication. They also enrolled in the ‘Korean language’ language class. Pierre said that “during this one semester I learned the method of designing a business plan, and I will return home with a strong foundation of project management techniques that can be used once I enter a company in the future.“

Yonsei University helped the EDHEC students in adapting to the Korean lifestyle by organizing numerous performances and field trips. Pierre said, “I was surprised to know that, compared to EDHEC, the campus’s size was way bigger, Yonsei University’s facilities were well established, and accessibility to the main street was outstanding,” and gave a ‘thumbs up’. He added: “I am extremely grateful that the Yonsei University’s faculty members physically and mentally supported the EDHEC students to not feel any discomfort in their life in Korea.”

After the closing ceremony on June 19, the EDHEC students returned to France.

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