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11th uGET Will Learn About the World
Date: 2015-08-24  |  Read: 783

The 11th uGET, a global industry-university cooperative program of Yonsei School of Business, has selected 26 students to participate on seven teams. The companies participating are Amorepacific, CJ CGV, Daesang, E-Land, and two startup companies working with the Yonsei Enterprise Support Foundation.

Amorepacific, which has participated in the uGET program since 2010, established two projects with the topics of “Strategy to Expand Thailand’s Online Duty-free” and “Establishing a Direction for Brand Ryoe‘s Market Entry into Thailand.” Kang Woo-seok (Entering class of 2010, Business major), who is participating  in the Amorepacific project, said, “It will be a great opportunity to experience both the Southeast Asian market, which recently is gaining attention as an emerging market, and the cosmetics industry at the same time.”

Interest in the Southeast Asian market is the same for other companies. Daesang is heading a project on future food resources, a subject that has recently become increasingly important, with the topic “India’s Demand for Starch Sugar Research.”

CJ CGV also puts a high value on the growth potential of the Southeast Asian market and is working on the topic “CGV Business Competitiveness Reinforcement in Vietnam.” The students, who will be staying in Vietnam for about a month to work on the project, have a determined resolve more than any other team. Student Yoo Soh-jung (Business ‘12) said, “When I was in my Freshmen year, I wished to participate in uGET while looking at diverse Yonsei School of Business programs. I’m happy I was able to fulfill that dream. I will try very hard to bring back good results in return for the amount of support the school and company have provided. I thank the school for providing such a great opportunity.”

This year’s uGET continued the project “‘Launching of Startups in Overseas Markets” which has been under way since the 9th uGET in 2013.The uGET project, which supports startups in cooperation with the Yonsei Enterprise Support Foundation, actually produces high results and many startup companies have asked to participate. This year, Laftel startup’s topic “Preliminary Research on U.S. market entry for a Cartoon Service Based on Personal Preference” and Playplay startup’s topic of “Finding a Joint Venture Partnership on Educational Programming Material/Toy, and Developing an Overseas Sales Network” were both offered. Ye Soo-bin (Entering class of 2012, Business major), who will visit America for the Laftel project, said “through this year’s uGET, I was able to learn a lot about the U.S. and the startup market, and just preparing by itself provided a chance for learning. Through this uGET, I hope to come back with a lot of practical experience.”

Last of all, E-Land’s Korea-China joint partnership uGET program, which began by viewing the sustainable Chinese market, was also carried out in the 11th uGET. The E-Land project, which was carried out by teams consisting of two Korean and two Chinese students, has been operating since 2009. The theme given to the students this year, “Project to Advertise the Opening of the Hong Kong Modern House,” is regarded as an opportunity to learn a lot about interior design and industrial props, a topic that has recently gained attention from IKEA and Zara Home. Lee Hyung-min (Entering class of 2010, Business major) has “high hopes since I’ll be able to gain more practical and global experience compared to learning in class. I’m happy to be a true member of the School of Business through being selected for uGET, and I’ll try my best so as to not bring shame to the school’s fame.”



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