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The First YSB Art Exhibition ? A Meeting with Artist Seokjun Ha
Date: 2016-02-23  |  Read: 263



The new building of the Yonsei School of Business was transformed into space full of art and culture with exhibits of art on each of its floors and an installation in the Hyeum Creative Lounge on the second basement level of pieces by Interactive Video Artist Seokjun Ha. On January 21, the first of what is planned to be a series of art exhibitions was held with the theme of “Convergence of Art and Business” and featured a lecture by artist Seokjun Ha. The event was co-hosted with the Seoul Art Foundation.


Seokjun Ha emphasized that a creative leader needs to graft art, design, technology, and business together. He said the source of his art roots comes from bearing in mind the effect of his work on industry and from continuously challenging and exploring novel things.


He underscored the convergence of technology and art and of business and art, emphasizing the importance of collaboration between different fields. He also introduced the phrase ”There is no finish line,” leaving a meaningful message for the freshmen at YSB.


After the lecture, Ha continued explaining his artwork, “The Platform of Suffering,” which was displayed in the business building. It is a three-dimensional interactive video artwork which has the form of a man bearing two displays. It displays in pixel form a real-time image of the viewer and creates sounds in response to motion. Participants at the event were amazed at the pixelated versions of themselves and took photos of themselves in various poses. Artist Seokjun Ha said that “through this process, viewers can form their own unique platform.”


Docent Kyungnoh Lee of the Seoul Art Foundation explained the artwork on each floor of the building after hearing Ha and seeing his work. Members of the audience appreciated the artwork and interpreted its message in their own ways. Docent Kyungnoh Lee said “it is more important to interpret the art pieces in one’s own way and enjoy them than to interpret the artist’s intention.” He also suggested that It is easy to encounter an art exhibition if we try to leave just one art piece in our heart” and concluded the session.


YSB will exhibit new art pieces and hold meetings with artists regularly in the future to afford students opportunities to encounter art and culture in the daily spaces of their student life.

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