YSB Newsletter Vol.3
: 2016-03-01  |  Read: 339
March 2016
Yonsei Executive MBA Enters Top 50 in World Ranking
Yonsei University’s Executive MBA program has achieved a new milestone with its entry into the list of the world’s 50 best pa...
New Beginnings as Yonsei School of Business…Cultivating a New Spirit in Business Education
The academic conferences held in conjunction with the Yonsei School of Business’ centennial celebration, such as hosting an int...
The Beginning of K-Management Research… International Symposium on Korean Corporate Business Model
Yonsei School of Business held the Korean Corporation Business Model International Symposium November 3-4 as part of its 100th annive...
Deans of Global Business Schools Discuss Start-ups and Innovation
Deans from business schools around the world participated in a roundtable table discussion on “The Role of Business Schools in ...
Yonsei School of Business Marks 100th Anniversary, Embarks on a New Century
Yonsei School of Business formally celebrated 100 years of business education on November 3 in a ceremony marked by the presence of a...
The Business Building’s Start-ups Foundation Incubating Area… The First Start-ups Club Moves in
Yonsei School of Business chose “Start-ups, Entrepreneurship, and Convergence” as its new education motto to meet the dem...
Yonsei Ranked as Solid No.1 in Successful CPA Candidates
Yonsei University had 88 successful candidates in the 50th Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam held in 2015, firmly holding onto i...
Professor Moowon Rhee appointed Underwood Distinguished Professor
Professor Mooweon Rhee of Management has become the first professor in Yonsei School of Business to be named to a three-year term as Yo...
Professor Hogeun Lee Named AIS Fellow
The Association for Information Systems (AIS) has named YSB Professor Hogeun Lee as its latest recipient of its annual AIS Fellow Award...






Graduating Ph.D. Moonkyung Cho Named Professor at Texas A&M International University in the U.S.
A Ph.D. student at Yonsei School of Business received her appointment as a professor in a U.S. university before she...
2015 Yonsei-CMC Leadership Program
The Yonsei-CMC Leadership Program completed its sixth year in July with a lively 90-minute program that demonstrated the close associ...
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