YSB Provides Space for Start-up Incubation
Date: 2016-08-23  |  Read: 550

 A space opposite the YSB library on the second floor is currently home to two business start-up clubs with dreams of success for their ideas. The Enterprise Incubator space welcomed its first start-up club in November of 2015. In May of 2016, clubs E-bul and PIQOB moved in as a reward for their selection as outstanding teams in the Yonsei Start-up Competition held in April as a part of the SK Youth Rise Program. The team leaders are Joonwoo Jung (Entering class of 2011, Business,) and Dongin Shin (Entering class of 2008, Business), respectively.


» E-bul : To make a warmer world through better neighborhoods

E-bul is developing a platform for a shared neighborhood economy through which residents in an area can cooperate and build mutual trust. The platform will permit people to make exchanges, help each other, and as a result build lasting ties among residents so as to create stronger neighborhoods. E-bul is currently doing market research to specify the range of service while also seeking advice from village communities to verify their idea.


» PIQOB : To make the world more creative and fun through art

PIQOB is a culture-art start-up to develop an art platform. With a belief that the world can become a better place through art, they want to build a more creative and fun world by exchanging each other’s’ thoughts on art.  The platform PIQOB is planning operates as both a distribution channel and an art management business to support new artists.

E-bul team leader Joonwoo Jung (Entering class of 2011, Business) welcomed the use of the YSB space. “By having an independent space, we are able to share ideas within the team anytime, concentrate, develop ideas, and enhance teamwork,” he said. PIQOB team leader Dongin Shin (Entering class of 2008, Business) also commented, “It is a big support to us, since renting a private space would cost about a million won every month.”

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