Start-up Competitors Full of Innovative Ideas
Date: 2016-08-23  |  Read: 676

 All of the competitors were survivors of the preliminary stage held in April and since then had received intensive mentoring support from the professional mentors. The seven received awards in categories of first prize, excellence, and honorable mention.

 Director Sohn said, “I hope Yonsei University’s start-up clubs will be inspired with rich ideas through the competition, resulting in development of complete products” and encouraged the participants.

 Clubs E-bul and PIQOB received a first prize and award of excellence, respectively, standing out above their competitors as a result of Yonsei School of Business’s active support through actions such as moving them in to the Enterprise Incubating Area on the second floor.

 “I believe that you must be aware of the influence that your item can have on the society and have a clear business direction when founding a business. Our business will be clearly directed to contribute to society,” said E-bul team leader Joonwoo Jung (Entering class of 2011, Business). E-bul’s project proposes a platform for a sharing economy to build trust and cooperation between neighbors.

 Team PIQOB’s excellence award was for preparing a platform for a new channel for distribution of art. The team has executed exchanges with artists and begun exhibits in Sinchon and Hongdae. Team leader Dongin Shin said, “Moving in to the business building enabled us the win the award. We would like to thank YSB. It was great to share ideas with other teams, and we would like to share feedback between students.”

 A first prize was also given to team X-Designers, which proposed a medical syringe processing system. Team leader Yuhwa Kim (Entering class of 2012, Interior Architecture & Built Environment) said, “It was an opportunity to discover problems in the item with the advice of the judges that were previously not considered. We will refine our business ideas in the process of completing them.”

 The two first-prize teams, X-Designers and E-bul, each received 2 million won. They participated in the SK Start-up Camp held July 19-20 in which 50 teams from 25 Korean universities competed.

 The X-Designers received start-up funding of 20 million won and office space for six months from SK. In a crowdfunding contest, E-bul won the Best Efforts Award and 300,000 won; X-Designers received 200,000 won.

 SK Youth Rise Program is a project to promote youth entrepreneurship among university students by supporting systematic start-up education. SK will host another start-up competition in the second semester of 2016, selecting start-up clubs in September and conducting a competition in December.

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