YSB’s Design Garage to Turn Ideas Into Prototypes
Date: 2016-08-23  |  Read: 570

 As of the spring semester, YSB’s Design Garage and its 3-D printer give students with ideas for start-up business products a place to test their practicality. Located on the first floor of the business building, the Design Garage, along with the Start-Up Incubation Center on the second floor, was created to translate YSB’s assertive start-up education plans into practice.

 YSB students passionate for start-up education and practice may use the Design Garage to turn their ideas into designs and their designs into prototypes by using the 3-D printer. As “personalized manufacturing” gains importance, the Design Garage is expected to encourage the creativity of YSB students and those of other majors in the creation of innovative products.

 The Design Garage is based on one at the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign that was the first U.S. business school to open a 3-D printer lab.

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