Interchange Agreements with Foreign Universities…Advancing the Startup Ecosystem
Date: 2017-02-06  |  Read: 1,453

Yonsei School of Business (YSB) has signed cooperative agreements with Aalto University and ESADE Business School to invigorate startup education and foster startup ecosystems.


Both agreements contain a common goal for professors from each university to cooperate in delivering lectures related to startups as well as consulting and co-developing programs to foster startup ecosystems. Moreover, the agreements include a commitment to close cooperation with Aalto University concerning organizing startup competitions and study trips, and working with ESADE on a student interchange program.


YSB concluded a student interchange program agreement with Aalto University in 2014 and an MBA interchange program agreement with ESADE in 2015.


The YSB dean and associate deans visited Aalto University and ESADE Business School twice each over the past two years for startup program interchanges. Aalto University’s Aalto Ventures Program and SLUSH, the student-led startup competition, inspires college students across the globe with a startup mindset. Also, Olli Vuola, executive director of the Aalto Ventures Program served as a judge in September during the YSB Global Start-up Competition.


ESADE is highly regarded for creating the Creapolis, a building in which about 80 startup firms moved in to network with students. YSB benchmarked these best practices and implemented startup programs; YSB plans to invite professors at ESADE to deliver a startup lecture at Yonsei.

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