From Domestic to Global Markets! YSB Global Start-up Competition hosted in English with a Panel of Foreign Judges
Date: 2017-02-07  |  Read: 732

Yonsei School of Business hosted the YSB Global Start-up Competition on September 30 as part of a program to promote international startups by fostering promising student entrepreneurs who aim for global markets. Sponsors of the competition were the School of Business Alumni Association and the Yonsei Enterprise Support Foundation


Six teams survived the preliminary round of document screening and made the finals, which were conducted exclusively in English. The panel of judges consisted of Olli Vuola, executive director of the Aalto Ventures Program at Aalto University; Hyunsun Jo, co-founder and CEO of Embedbio LLC, a biotechnology startup based in Silicon Valley; Victor Ching, co-founder and CEO of Miso; Honggyoo Sohn, director of the Yonsei Enterprise Support Foundation;, Donghoon Kim, dean of the Yonsei School of Business; Subin Im, associate dean of MBA Programs; Seongmoon Kim, associate dean of the School of Business; and Il Im, a Yonsei professor.


Teams, their names, and business proposals in the finals were: ‘THE TEAM’ presented a food delivery app named Babsim directed at the Chinese market; ‘EARS’ presented hearing aids designed as earrings and other accessories for the hearing impaired; ‘WEARDOC’ presented IoT technology that linked sensors on chairs to a mobile application to alleviate back pain; ‘X-DESIGNERS’ presented an idea to commercialize a device that automatically separates used needles in healthcare facilities; ‘NARA SPACE’ Technology presented a multipurpose satellite technology; and ‘DTUTOR’ presented an Internet broadcasting platform to provide online lectures for designers.


Each team gave a 10-minute presentation and then faced questions from the judges.

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