Executive MBA moves up in Financial Times Ranking
Date: 2018-02-06  |  Read: 1,229

The Financial Times has moved Yonsei University’s Executive MBA program to 43rd from 45th two years ago on its list of 50 Top Global EMBAs.




 Among the four YSB MBA programs, the one ranked in the 2017 list is the EMBA (Executive MBA) for business executives and CEOs. Rankings were mainly based on alumni career progress, diversity of faculty and students, and academic research. The YSB program was ranked the highest among all Korean MBA programs in terms of academic research. It also showed outstanding performance in career development of graduate and also ranked high in various categories, such as 12th in salary, 14th in work experience, and 16th in promotion achievement. These results reflect fulfillment of the goal of the program, which is to help students improve the management capabilities needed for innovative and strategic executives.


Dean Young Ho Eom said, “As the first Korean MBA program that appeared in global MBA rankings in 2010, Yonsei MBA has shown the world the capability of Korean-style MBAs and taken initiatives to upgrade the global standards of other MBA programs in Korea ever since. We are determined to make the best education program for fostering the best leaders based on global cooperation.”  


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