Student Wins Excellence Award in Business Ethics Competition
Date: 2018-02-20  |  Read: 467

YSB, which emphasizes integrity as one of its three core values, encourages students to participate in the Academic Collaboration Network (ACN) Global Business Ethics Case Competition to learn the importance of business ethics and gain experience in their application.



In this year’s competition, Munkhzaya Otgonbayar (entering class of 2014, Business) won the excellence award by applying what she learned in business classes to the case of Fuji Xerox China.


Otgonbayar said she participated the competition to learn the role of business ethics and the application of corporate social responsibility practices in the real world. She teamed up with three students at Tsinghua University in China, one of whom is a Swedish exchange student, and a Chinese exchange student at Boston University in the United States..


The biggest challenge of the competition, she said, was that team members were in different time zones. They solved the problem by using, a website for conference calls. She recalled busy days preparing for the competition because it overlapped with midterm exams, but she is happy with the result. “It is important to understand how business ethics affect not only business but also all of society,” she said. She added, “I learned that business ethics can be a good standard in a business decision-making process that also helps a business avoid frequent errors.”


In the ACN Global Business Ethics Case Competition six students team up to analyze a case and suggest a strategic solution. Participants are from Boston University, Newcastle University in the United Kingdom, the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland, Fudan University in China, Indian Institutes of Management, and Yonsei University. The competition is unique in that it is held online and organizes teams with students from different countries.

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