1964, 1989 Entering Classes Celebrate Their Class Reunions
Date: 2018-08-07  |  Read: 1,161

Ninety alumni from the entering class of 1964 returned May 12 to the Yonsei Business building to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their graduation. The graduation anniversary activities also included alumni celebrating their 25th anniversary.


YSB Dean Young Ho Eom welcomed the alumni back. “Now that we are predicting lifespans of 120 years, not 100, I will look forward to meeting everyone again at the 70th graduation anniversary.”


Byeong Heon Goh, CEO of Kumbi (entering class of 1964, Business), chairman of the 50th graduation anniversary ceremony, said, “It was a great opportunity to feel the love and support of the alumni toward YSB. I would like to express my appreciation for all the support from the participants in this event and wish all of them healthy lives full of love and joy.”


[From left: Byeong Heon Goh, Jong Hwa Jung, In Oh Kim]


Jong Hwa Jung (entering class of 1964, Commerce), the chairman of the Commerce class, said, “YSB gave me a great opportunity to work in a great company throughout my life and to meet great people.” Another alumni association representative, In Oh Kim (entering class of 1964, Business) who is the business class chairman, said “I would like to thank every faculty member and participant who made today’s event possible, and I hope to see everyone after 20 years.”


BizYON, a student public relations club, guided the alumni through the new YSB building, and the event ended with a group picture in the Atrium.


Guk-sul Jeon (entering class of 1964, Business) said, “There are mixed feelings about coming back to school after almost half a century.” Another alumnus, Jinho Kim (entering class of 1964, Business), said, “I will always support YSB students in doing their best and having a bright future ahead of them.”   


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