New Ventures in Curriculum Have Goal Of Teaching How to form, Launch Startups
Date: 2019-02-20  |  Read: 420

Yonsei School of Business has newly opened its winter seasonal semester program and .


Yonsei Business School and Postech launched in the current winter semester a joint curriculum, dubbed STARTUP 403: STARTUP BOOTCAMP, that incorporates a new teaching model based on the strengths of each institution. In this curriculum, planners, designers, and programmers gather in one place for two weeks to form teams, concentrate on development, and at the end present prototypes of their products and services.


Students from both schools developed a network to share knowledge and experience toward developing creative ideas with members from various majors and eventually actualize products or services. At the first boot camp, 13 Yonsei students and 14 POSTECH students participated.


In another teaching venture designed to bridge the gap between school and the workplace, YSB has signed an internship agreement with Softbank Ventures and Hanwha Dream Plus and on-site training agreement with Amorepacific. Called STARTUP 407: STARTUP INTERNATIONSHIP, the program is a student-startup matching program and the outgrowth of YSB’s search for opportunities for students to experience the startup ecosystem and enhance their entrepreneurship and business skills. The effort found a fit with Hanwha Dream Plus and Softbank Venture that had considering a startup support program for talented university students and with Amorepacific, which had been considering a field training program to narrow the gap between school education and field workers.


The school and each organization jointly selected 21 students through interviews and evaluation of the applicants' documents. For about six weeks during the winter vacation, selected students experienced various programs, including internships at 11 places, including Bro & Tips, Luxrobo, Atomus, and Massfresso, which were selected in conjunction with the three companies, Hanwha Dream Plus and Softbank Venture and Amorepacific.


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