549 new graduates... Commencement address from Byung-Heun Ko, Chairman of kumbi corporation
Date: 2019-02-20  |  Read: 402

YSB conferred business administration degrees on 528 students on February 25 —8 Ph.D.s, 42 masters, 247 MBAs, and 252 bachelors.

[Opening Remarks: Kil-Soo Suh, Dean of Yonsei School of Business]

Byung-Heun Ko(entering class of 1964), chairman of Kumbi corporation gave the commencement address at the ceremony. In his commencement speech, Byung-Heun Ko (entering class of 1964), chairman of Kumbi Corporation, asked graduates to do three things. First, lead their lives with a precious meeting. Because the people with whom they meet will determine their views of life, values, and the meaning of life, they should build good relationships through being good persons. Second, he urged them to immerse themselves in living their lives passionately, for without passion life is worthless. Finally, he told them, develop an enjoyment of art because music, literature, and art add to the happiness of a life well lived. Kyung-Bae Suh, chairman of YSB’s alumni association, and Do Weon Seol, president of the MBA alumni association, also attended.


 [Commencement Speech: Byung-Heun Ko(entering class of 1964), chairman of Kumbi corporation]

Il Im, associate dean of the Yonsei Graduate School of Business, Jai-Yeol Son, director of the master’s and Ph.D. programs, and Dae-Sik Hur, associate dean of YSB, gave reports about academic affairs. Afterward, each graduate was called to the stage to shake hands with their professors and express congratulations and appreciation.

 [Graduate Speeches: Do-Yeon Kim (B.B.A.), Jonathan M Yang (MBA)]

Graduation ceremonies at YSB have several characteristics, the first of which is a special message from an invited speaker whose remarks will also include congratulations for the graduates. The valedictorian’s response follows. A “class gift” ceremony, representing a continuum reaching from alumni to incoming freshmen, is an integral part of the program. Representative alumni celebrate the graduates, who in turn welcome the entering freshman class, including presentation of a souvenir gift to the incoming class.

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