Alumni Keep Alive a 12-Year Tradition of Mentoring Freshmen
Date: 2019-08-22  |  Read: 614

A 12-year tradition of a special welcoming and mentoring ceremony for freshmen was held in March under the sponsorship of the Yonsei School of Business and the Yonsei College of Commerce and Economics, with mentoring provided by their respective alumni associations.



Dean Kil-Soo Suh of the Yonsei School of Business welcomed the new students in the first session and then turned the program over to session host BizYon, the student ambassador of the business school, to tell the freshmen what awaited them as students and familiarize them with the school and campus through a quiz show.



In the second session, two to three alumni mentors gave advice on campus life and career paths to about 10 freshmen mentees. The event this year drew 110 alumni, 550 freshmen from the business school and College of Commerce and Economics, and 40 professors.



This year television personality Sang-Jin Oh (entering class of 1998, Business) hosted the session. The alumni mentors and faculty members came onto the stage to enthusiastic applause from the freshmen. Kyung-Bae Suh, CEO of the AmorePacific Group (entering class of 1981, Business), expressed pride in the event, which is unique in the world, and asked freshmen to “be the ones heading for tomorrow.” Monami CEO Ha-Kyung Song (entering class of 1978, Applied Statistics), who will be the next chairman of the event, livened up the evening by shouting “Dream big! Fly Yonsei!”

Representative mentor Soo-Yon Lee, former vice chairman of Hanyang Engineering (entering class of 1972, Business), said, "I hope you freshmen will also grow up as mentors who lead future juniors," and representative mentor Woo-Joo Nah, CEO of MLS (entering class of 1982, Applied Statistics), advised freshmen to cultivate tenacity in pursuing their dreams.

Dean Dong-Cheon Shin of the Yonsei College of Commerce and Economics urged the freshmen to have a fruitful campus life and also thanked the participating alumni. Dean Suh reminded the freshmen that “busy seniors have come to welcome and guide you. This is what your future looks like.”



The alumni mentors moved from the stage moved into the audience for their first meetings with freshmen mentees amid enthusiastic cheers.

Six mentors returned to the stage to serve on a panel called “We ask the mentors.” They were Kyung-Bae Suh, CEO of the AmorePacific Group (entering class of 1981, Business), Young-Sook Park, CEO of Fleishman-Hillard Korea (entering class of 1982, Business), Sung-Kwon Liu, CEO of E*Public (entering class of 1982, Economics), Jung-Gyu Choi, CEO of Jonny Dumpling (entering class of 1986, Applied Statistics), Ho-Chan Kang, CEO of Nexen Tire (entering class of 1995, Business), and Han-Ik Yoo, chairman of the board of TMON (entering class of 2003, Business).

Alumnus Kyung-Bae Suh told the freshmen, “As a dot becomes a line, a line turns into a plane, and a plane turns into space, connect the dots and be the master of your life. Love your fate.” Alumna Young-Sook Park said, “There is one thing in common when I meet the world’s powerful people. They have their own stories. I hope you guys will also have a great campus life making your own stories.”


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