YSB Students Heat Up Summer All Over the World
Date: 2019-08-27  |  Read: 416

Yonsei School of Business students went abroad to participate in various YSB global programs during this past summer.

First, nine teams participated in the undergraduate Global Experience Team (uGET), a global industry-university cooperative program that has been held for more than 10 years. Three of these teams dealt at Idillion, LogisLAB, and LAFTEL companies with topics that the students proposed themselves. The other teams covered industry-university cooperative topics at AmorePacific, Orion, Saltus, WELT, 111%, and the Work Together Foundation.




The nine teams, made up of 34 students, carried out projects in the United States, Finland, Britain, Kenya, Estonia, Singapore, China, and Indonesia, with big companies, startups, and even nongoverment organizations (NGOs). The students were involved in topics and projects that included beauty-brand entry strategy, snack market circumstances and trends, an augmented reality-based nail art platform, premium smart-belt market research, Finland Supercell company analysis, the revenue stream of a blockchain business model, strategy for FinTech adoption, and developments in the global freight forwarding market.

Two internship programs are also new at YSB. One, begun since the 2018 winter vacation, gives students an opportunity to work with startups, giving the startups access to an excellent workforce and giving students insights into innovation and the skills and traits required to start a successful business. During the summer, the program enrolled 42 students who worked at 26 startups.




The second internship program is global in its reach and designed for students who are interested in technological development and hope to start their own business whether at home or abroad. Five students were selected and sent to the Aalto Ventures Program in Finland; a sixth student went to the KIC SV R2BD Program in the United States. Through this experience, students showed initiative in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in a global environment.

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