XnTree-Level39 Internship...Learning the Diversity and Dynamics of Startups
Date: 2020-02-24  |  Read: 542

Young Eun Roh (Business Administration, entering class of 2016) completed a four-week internship with XnTree-Level 39, a global startup accelerator based in London, over the winter break, thus forming a bridge between the Yonsei School of Business and a prominent player in startups around the world.

During her internship, Roh worked at the "World Smart Cities Forum," nonprofit organization based in Level 39 that works to connect government and startups in an effort to build “smart cities” through master plans and corporation fundraising

Young Eun Roh worked in Level 39’s London office, one of the firm’s multiple office locations, where he researched market trends and composed posts and articles for social media channels and the official homepage. He also was engaged in networking with companies that could help build smart cities. As one of her accomplishments, Roh proposed a plan for the “Hanoi Smart City Plan in Ecopark Hanoi” and worked on plans with United Kingdom and Level 39-based startups. These activities gave him insights into how to build a brand and to network with relevant organizations. Meanwhile, by interviewing startup practitioners from various fields, he had the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of their activities and what goes into launching a business.

Roh said that through her “immersion in the free and dynamic atmosphere of Level 39, he was able to build ties with professionals from various startup companies. I was able to observe and feel the diversity and dynamics of global startups." 

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