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Professor Mooweon Rhee Selected for the NRF Excellent Academic Scholars Support Fellowship
Date: 2021-02-19  |  Read: 422

The National Research Foundation of Korea selected YSB Professor Mooweon Rhee (Management) for an Excellent Academic Scholars Support Fellowship in the field of humanities and social sciences for the 2020 academic year.


The purpose of the fellowship, the largest in Korea in the humanities and social sciences, is to support outstanding scholars with world-class research capabilities who can represent Korea in the field of humanities and social studies, to circulate the excellent research results in the society, and to support a stable research environment for outstanding scholars to help them achieve fruitful academic results. Individual scholars selected for a fellowship will receive 250 million won of funding over five years. This year, seven scholars were selected.


Professor Rhee's research topic is “Leader's Conception: Why Don't Organizations Learn from Experience?” In the wake of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the historical transition triggered by COVID-19, Professor Rhee will elaborate on analytical leadership, which is a new form of leadership involving innovation and engagement based on systemic thinking. The research will contribute to providing insights and knowledge in various fields of research. Because it conducts multidimensional analyses at the levels of the cognitive, organizational, and market systems, the research will be able to be the liaison between micro and macro research.

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