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New Faculty Member’s Research Focuses On Impact of Bad Behavior in Workplace
Date: 2019-02-15  |  Read: 357

Ki-Young Lee had joined the YSB faculty as an assistant professor of management. He received his bachelor and master’s degrees from Seoul National University and his doctorate in business administration from the University of Minnesota in the U.S. He later was an assistant professor for four years at the State University of New York-Buffalo.


"It is a great honor to work in Yonsei School of Business,” said Lee, who joined the faculty in the fall semester of 2018. “From now on, I want to have a lot of fun and do meaningful research here, and I want to learn a lot from my senior professors. Also, I have been surprised by the students' keen attention to the lectures and their sharp opinions in the discussions," he said, and added, "I want to grow together in Yonsei with a great faculty and talented people."


Asked about his career as a professor, he answered, "I was fascinated by the fact that it offers the autonomy and expertise to select topics that one is interested in and study them deeply. Every professor will have his or her own good points. I want to fuse various strengths in a way that suits me." 


He primarily studies the effects of jealousy, aggressive behavior, unethical behavior and their side effects in the workplace. He hopes his research will contribute academically to creating a work environment that ultimately enables employees to achieve meaningful success.

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