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Graduate Student Woo-Yong Jo Publishes in Top Journal, Marketing Science
Date: 2019-08-27  |  Read: 524

Woo-Yong Jo, a master’s degree graduate of Yonsei School of Business (entering class of 2008,  bachelor’s degree; entering class of 2015, master’s degree) and now studying for his doctorate at Emory University in Atlanta in the U.S., has published an article in Marketing Science, which is the top-ranked journal in the marketing field. 

The title of his paper was “Protecting Consumers from Themselves: Assessing Consequences of Usage Restriction Laws on Online Game Usage and Spending.” Jo began started to work on this paper while studying for his master’s with Professor Jeong-Hye Choi as his advisor at the Yonsei School of Business.

In this study, Jo examined the effects of a government prohibition of online game usage and the spending of young consumers. The study found that prohibition leads to the side effect of making serious game-addicted consumers more immersed in games and implies that further understanding is needed of consumer behavior and responses before a policy or regulation is established.

Jo expressed his gratitude to Professor Jeong-Hye Choi, saying, “I’m very happy that years of hard work and study paid off with final acceptance in the journal. Professor Jeong-Hye Choi organized my vague idea and provided unsparing advice on the relevant data and the statistical models.”

He also thanked Yonsei School of Business, saying, “I think the research space, academic database, statistical program, and scholarship that I received from my master’s degree at YSB were also the driving force to complete this study successfully.”

Marketing Science is a globally renowned business administration journal that publishes innovative research about such marketing topics as consumer behavior, marketing strategy, and customer relationship management based on mathematical and quantitative models.


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