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uGET Activity Report Meeting… Startup B2LiNK Team Wins Grand Prize
Date: 2017-02-02  |  Read: 533

The final report meeting of the 12th uGET, a global industry-university cooperative program, was held on August 24. In attendance were 32 participating students, employees from partner firms, and supervising professors. Dean Donghoon Kim opened the session thanking students and partner firms for their hard work. Students presented their business strategy proposal and activity report, which they worked on diligently for the past several months. Afterwards, partner firms received a letter of appreciation and shared their impressions. The meeting closed with an award ceremony for the winners of the excellence prize and the grand prize.


The B2LiNK team, a startup in Shanghai, China, won the grand prize for its work on the topic of “A Marketing Strategy and Promotion Method for Hashtag,” a new brand of cosmetics targeting Chinese women in their 20s and 30s. The team presented a fresh but concrete product development idea, which was adopted by a partner firm and led to the production of beauty masks.


The Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra team won the Excellence Award for the “Demographic Analysis of Loyal Customers and a Presentation of Package Ideas Based on Satisfaction Analysis.”


Hyeokjin Park, the representative of the B2LiNK team’s partner firm, said he ”was a bit worried about whether students would be able to produce output because B2LiNK is a startup firm, but the output was much better than what I expected, and I would like thank the participating students as well as YSB.”


The philharmonic’s promotion manager said, “It was very meaningful to apply management tools to culture and art, and management of Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra benefited from using social science method of statistical analysis instead of gut feeling.” The Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra participated in UGet as a domestic partner firm.


The uGET Final Report Meeting selects teams through intense competition and serves as a meaningful opportunity to share results from local market research, various meetings with firms, and team meetings to acquire experience that cannot be gained from classes. Supervising professors also provide counsel to the teams.


uGET (Undergraduate Global Experience Team-Project) is academic-business partnership project to cultivate global market management capabilities of students by sending them out to local businesses and assigning projects for them to complete.


12th uGET Overview

Partner Firm (Organization)



CJ Cheiljedang


Insights on strategy for petitzel marketing in China   based on an understanding of the Chinese dessert market

Noroo Paint & Coating


Research on Chinese automobile maintenance and painting   market and business strategy on NRS automobile maintenance and painting

Noroo Paint & Coating


Strategy for Noroo Paint & Coating based on   research of B2C (DIYㆍHome   center) paint market trends and predictions

Blue Gold


Analysis of Chinese consumer goods market trends and   entry strategy for Chinese offline distribution channels



Marketing   strategy using Wēishāng, China’s   SNS platform, and entry strategy for Korean cosmetic products

Seoul Philharmonic   Orchestra


Demographic   analysis of loyal customers and presentation of package idea based on   satisfaction analysis



Strategy for promoting the Laneige brand campaign in   China



Orion response strategy for the growth and change of   Chinese online distribution channels

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