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Young Concert…Tasting the Season with Classical Music
Date: 2017-02-02  |  Read: 686

Yonsei School of Business and College of Music co-hosted Young Concerts on September 28 and November 16. The event title means that the concert is performed by young rising musicians in College of Music to bring a healing experience to busy Yonsei students and faculty.


The first concert was held on September 28 in the On-sae-mi Lobby and drew students, faculty, and staff. The first performance by pianist Jinhyung Park began with Bach's mellow classic “Toccata.” The performance continued with Brahms’ “Rachmaninov Op. 39, No. 6.” Minseong Jeong’s powerful voice and Yehui Cho’s charming tone pulled the audience deeper into the music. Hyeonseong Yoo’s passionate performance on piano captivated the audience, and the string ensemble composed of Gayeong Shin, Yeji Song, Seongyun Kim, and Sowon Cha’s cello and violin finished it off with Norwegian folk dance music.


“It is a wonderful opportunity for young Yonsei students to communicate with each other through music. Young Concert is truly an event to bring all Yonsei together,” Professor Youngryeol Park said. “I hope more people would come by and enjoy the performance.”


“Once piano was brought in and audience came together, a daily work environment has transformed into a concert in a heartbeat. It was nice to see people stopping for a moment to enjoy the music,” Seoyun Song (entering class of 2013, Business) said. “This unexpected concert was like a surprise healing experience for me as well.”


The second Young Concert was held on November 16 at Yongjae Auditorium in the Business Building. The concert opened a string quartet composed of Eunyeong Kim and Huiyeon Jeong on violin, Seungmuk Hwang on viola, and Goeun Choi on cello playing E. Grieg’s “String Quartet No. 1 in G minor, Op. 27, 1st movement.” It was followed by graduate school student Mayorga Anna’s performance of M. Ravel’s “Miroirs,” baritone Seonje Kim’s performance of A. Borodin’s “Ni Sna Ni Otdykha,” soprano Jieun Lee’s performance of Gaetano Donizetti’s “Regnava Nel Silenzio,” and a beautiful, harmonic duet of Seonje Kim and Jieun Lee performing W. A. Mozart’s “La ci Darem la Mano.” Violinist Hojeong Kim played M. Bruch’s “Concerto No. 1 in G minor, Op. 26, 3rd movement.” The concert culminated with pianist Beol Lee’s performance of F. Liszt’s “Phantasiestuck uber Motive aus ’Rienzi’ S. 439.”


Students packed Yongjae Auditorium for the hour-long concert. “It was great to experience inner healing and to enjoy culture life in the midst of a busy and tedious daily routine,” Hojae Jin, a student in the audience said.

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