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Talking Real Estate with Students from Cornell University
Date: 2017-02-02  |  Read: 490

About 30 students and faculty from Cornell University attended a master’s course in real estate investment and management in December as part of a symposium YSB co-hosted with Cornell’s Baker Program in Real Estate.


Cornell University students toured the building before the symposium, which was moderated by Professor Sunmee Choi (Operations Management). The symposium opened with a welcoming speech from Donghoon Kim, dean of Yonsei School of Business, and an opening speech from Rohit Verma, dean of external relations, Cornell College of Business.


Presentations were delivered by Dr. Chaewook Im, executive vice president of Genstar, Richard Lee, director of Aju Hotels & Resorts, and Taejong Kim, deputy general manager of GS Engineering & Construction. Dr. Im presented an overview of the Korean real estate market but also discussed the Seoul Junggu Administrative District, Yeouido, and Gangnam. Lee presented a general overview of the hospitality industry in Korea including the hotel industry, and Mr. Taejong Kim lectured on Korean senior housing, discussing its present conditions and prospects in a fast aging society.


During the question-and-answer session, the Cornell students asked various questions on the Korean real estate market. The students gave good reviews on program organization and said they were especially impressed by Yonsei’s excellent facilities and beautiful campus. 

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