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Global MBA Graduates and Students in One Room
Date: 2017-02-02  |  Read: 1,332

“Global MBA Night” brought students and graduates together on November 25 for networking, mentoring, and career advice.


Subin Im, associate dean of MBA programs, and Soon Hong Min, academic director of the global MBA program, thanked graduates for returning to their alma mater and encouraging and advising their successor students.


The students themselves were the entertainment for the evening, with three performances after dinner. Two teams sang and loosened up the crowd, then a team of men and women students showed off their salsa skills. The students were also surprised by the talent on display because, with their busy schedules, they were unaware of their fellow students’ skills.


The career mentoring session followed, with Korean and foreign students in different groups. Seven graduates participated — Gordon Dudley (class of 2012, RDI Korea), Mario Garcia (class of 2012, freelancer), Ralph Karen (class of 2012, Intralinks), Muhyeon Pyeon (class of 2013, KT), Adhiki Madu Babu (class of 2014, Hyundai Motors), Marco Nakkouri (class of 2014, Samsung C&T), and Anna Kushari (class of 2016, LG Electronics). They advised the students on how the job markets are changing and what kinds of careers are in favor.


“Like the Thanksgiving Day in the U.S., Global MBA graduates and current students were gathered in one room to enjoy each other’s presence. I never knew how talented my colleagues were until today,” Melinda Neal (entering class of 2016, GMBA) said. “Normally, it’s not easy to come across graduates but Yonsei organized this event, and this event was very helpful.”


Thomas Merckens (entering class of 2016, GMBA) said that the information from graduates actually working in their fields “was highly valuable.” 

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