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25 Students From France’s EDHEC Complete Global Manager Program
Date: 2017-08-22  |  Read: 740

Twenty-five exchange students from EDHEC Business School in France received Global Manager Certificates from YSB in June as part of the ongoing cooperative program between the two globally renowned schools.


The students completed six courses during the first semester. The courses and their professors were as follows: International Management by Professor Yeong Ryeol Park; Business Negotiation by Professor Hun Joon Park; Project Management by Professor Hans Weemaes; Business Model Development by Professor Lee Tae Hee; Cross Cultural Communication by Professor John Bernard; and Korean Language by Professor Kim Kyung Sun.


The cooperative program between YSB and the French school began in 2014 and involves a semester exchange of undergraduates enrolled in a curriculum specifically tailored to their needs. The program is different from the existing program for the exchange of individual students.

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The EDHEC students praised the program. "Through this opportunity, I understand Korea's culture and life more deeply, and this was a great opportunity to establish my thoughts on Korea and Asia," Sarah Caboz said. "I learned a lot from studying business major which is not my major,” Thomas Peyrin said, adding, "I spent a wonderful evening at Peugeot Korea with Professor Yeong Ryeol Park, who taught the international management class."


Asked why he chose to participate in the Global Manager Certificate Program, Damien Deydier replied, "Yonsei University is the best university in Asia, and understanding Korea's management and culture will differentiate me in the international market, and this also will be helpful for my future master’s degree program.”

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