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The Joy of Helping Others… Global MBA’s Volunteer Activities
Date: 2017-08-22  |  Read: 569

Yonsei’s Global MBA students received their certificates in June to mark completion of the community volunteer activities they undertook in September 2016. Professor Soon Hong Min of Operations Management conferred certificates on each student, along with a word of encouragement.

Students served as food bank volunteers at Cheongnyangni Bappuh and the Mapo Welfare Center for the Elderly. Other activities included guiding tourists in Hongdae and translating handbooks for foreigners at the Seoul Global Center.


“Technological growth seems to grow at the expense of personal relationships. I believe volunteer activities can help close the gap between people,” Eliska Uhlirova (Nationality: Czech) said. “Personally, volunteering was both cheerful and educational. I grew a deeper understanding of the poor, and I sincerely hope that I made a small contribution to their lives.” Uhlirova mentioned that she is going to continue to look for volunteer opportunities after this experience, and said, “I would like to encourage everyone to join.”

[Eliska Uhlirova with Prof. Min]

The Global MBA program enrolls numerous foreign students. “Volunteering alongside my foreign colleagues will definitely remain in my heart as one of the most memorable moments in the MBA program,” Se Bok Jung said. “Every one of the 36 MBA students participated in volunteer activities. These meaningful experiences not only brought us together but also taught us much about the meaning of community service. He also said that he would like to bring his two sons to future volunteer activities.

[Se Bok Jung with Prof. Min]

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