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Foreign Students in Global MBA Program Share their Successful Internship and Employment Stories
Date: 2017-08-22  |  Read: 1,367

Global MBA is a full-time MBA program offered by YSB with all lectures in English. Students from all over the globe enroll in the program to become global businesspersons. Over 50% of students in the program are foreigners, many of whom aim to find a job in Korea after graduation. Some are currently in internship programs. We’ve interviewed those with internship experiences or already employed in a Korean firm.


Interviewee 1: Thomas Merckens (Entering class of 2016, Nationality: United States)

Q>Please introduce yourself.

A> I first came to Asia in 2007 to study in Beijing. There, I realized that I wanted to experience diverse cultures. After graduating from college, I worked as a consultant in Shanghai until I was offered a job as an English teacher in Korea by the United States government. I entered the Global MBA program at Yonsei in 2016 to study in a global environment while searching for career opportunities.



Q> What’s the best thing about the Global MBA program?

A>Personally, the best thing about Global MBA program is the opportunity to take courses specializing in Asian markets. I have a special interest in China, Korea, and Japan because I majored in East Asian Studies during college. Also, I appreciate the internship opportunities for career development in which I was able to experience the Korean workplace culture.


Q> Tell us about your internship experience.

A> I worked at the Seoul Metro international division for two months. The internship provided an in-depth learning opportunity in Korean workplace culture and business environment. Moreover, during the internship, Dong-A Ilbo gave me an opportunity to write a monthly column called Merckens’s Korean Blog. I am really looking forward to further opportunities that await me in the future.


Interview 2: Renata Roelan (Entering class of 2015, Graduated in 2017.02, Nationality: India, Employee of Jeju Air) 

Q>What was your motivation to join the Global MBA program?

A>I came to Korea in 2015 to pursue my dreams in the world’s fastest developing country. During my search for the right MBA program, I decided to join Yonsei’s Global MBA in 2015 because it comprised various students with global backgrounds.


Q>How did the Global MBA influence you?

A>Enrolling in Yonsei’s Global MBA program was the best decision I’ve made in my whole life. It allowed me increase my capabilities by integrating my experiences with new knowledge. Studying with students from various countries provided a cross-cultural learning experience and developing friendships with them improved my communication skills.


Q>Tell us about how you got your job.

A>It was not easy to find a job in Korea. Although I do speak Korean, many Korean firms found it burdensome to work with a foreigner who has less Korean proficiency in comparison to their Korean counterparts. I refused to give up and finally got a job on the Jeju Air information and strategy team after two years of searching. They must have valued my experience and potential more than my Korean proficiency.


Q>Please share your resolve.

A>As a foreigner, it is challenging to work among Korean employees, but I am determined to work harder and learn quickly. As for now, I will do my best to perform well in my position. I hope to become a proud Yonsei alumna.

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