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2017 YSB GMBA Student President Jonathan M. Yang: Building a network that lasts for a lifetime
Date: 2018-02-14  |  Read: 449

Jonathan M. Yang has been elected student president of YSB GMBA. Born in Hawaii, he managed a marketing team in the healthcare appliance industry before he entered YSB GMBA. He started working in the healthcare appliance industry after majoring in biology to become a doctor. He is full of energy, just as when he used to play basketball back in middle and high school, and passionate about his new school life.



Q> What made you choose YSB GMBA? I heard that one of your cousins graduated from YSB GMBA. How did it affect your entering Yonsei University?

A> I was looking for MBA programs for future improvement after building my career in my past workplace. Then my cousin, Dae Min Woo (GMBA graduate in February 2017), whom I met at a family event, recommended the YSB GMBA course to me because of its great curriculum and faculty. One of the many reasons why I chose the YSB GMBA is that I wanted to start my career in Korea with this program.


Q> You were elected as student president as you entered the school. It has been six months since your election. How do you feel about this position?

A> I was quite lost at first, but I can say that I kept improving with advice from great seniors. It was not myself alone but a group of the student council members who made everything possible. Even though they were very busy in their first semester, they took an active part in weekly meetings and event planning. Thanks to them, I could fulfill my election pledge as a student president. I am planning to host more networking events, not only within YSB but also with other schools. I want to thank all my fellow students, and I will never stop working on building good relationships between us.


To my classmates: Now that the seniors have graduated, it’s only us. Let continue to rely on each other, especially on your student council, and excel in our studies. Trust us to make a more memorable experience for you at the best university. This upcoming spring semester will be filled with events and experiences to bring us closer together. Look forward to it!


Q> What was the most memorable moment in your school life so far?

A> There are so many memories, although it has only been a semester since I started my school life at YSB GMBA. The most memorable moment, however, was GMBA Night. The night was much more meaningful because many students and alumni, along with YSB professors Il Im and Soonhong Min, attended the event. After having a delicious dinner, we enjoyed singing and dancing during the students’ talent show. Personally, I was very proud of the duet in which I collaborated with my fellow student, Dami Lee. The students’ favorite was the Q&A session with alumni. The alumni shared us with their advice and tips. It was memorable in that it was both an enjoyable and useful time for us.


Q> Foreigners comprise 70% of total students enrolled as of September 2017. What would be the advantage of having students from diverse cultures and background?

A> In the era of global business, it is truly intriguing to learn different perspectives from students from diverse backgrounds. I believe this will be one of my assets when I start my career after graduating from YSB GMBA. Unlike my undergraduate school years in Hawaii, where I could only get one-way lectures, it is very helpful to participate in several in-depth discussions with professors and students in GMBA.


Q> Finally, what is your ultimate goal through this program?

A> My goal as a student president is to make my fellow students believe that everyone will be part of a network in which we help each other even after all of us graduate. My personal goal is to resume my career in the Korean healthcare industry and eventually become the head of a medical center.

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