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Date: 2019-08-27  |  Read: 673

The Yonsei School of Business MBA Program conducted Global Field Trips (GFT) and Global Experience Trips (GET) at universities in the U.S. and Europe during summer vacation to give students firsthand knowledge of different business environments, industries, and cultures.

The GET consists of teams of three to five participants on a team. Each team selects a company in the host country before the GET starts, studies the company and its business issues, then conducts in-depth analysis and investigation during the field trip. Teams must submit a final report on their return.


» Spain ESADE: Build a Global Mindset with Profound Knowledge

The ninth EMBA class (entering class of 2018) visited ESADE in Spain and went on its second GFT from June 22 to June 29. Forty-two students participated, with Professor Jhin-Young Shin of Finance as their guide.

Local professors at ESADE gave lectures on the topics of “Understanding the European Economy,” “Creating Growth Ventures,” “Marketing Innovation,” “Innovate or Die!” and “Game Changers.”

The participants visited FC Barcelona Camp Nou Museum, Spain’s leading beauty company, Bella Aurora, and ForceManager, a mobile sales management solution startup.



» Spain IE Business School: The Importance of Culture in Business

The first GET of the 2019 summer semester was held from June 23 to June 28 at the IE Business School in Madrid, Spain. Thirty-eight students of the Corporate/Finance/Global MBA programs participated, with Professor Guiral Andres of Accounting as their guide.

The lectures were composed of “Business Government & Society,” “European & Spanish Economic Outlook,” “Internationalization of Spanish Companies,” and “Transformational Leadership across Cultures.”

The program highlighted the importance of cultural understanding in business as well as the importance of understanding the economic status of Europe and Spain. Along with visiting Airbus, the participants learned a new perspective on the wine economy by visiting a winery after hearing a lecture of the wine industry.



» U.S. Cornell University: Leadership Innovation

The tenth EMBA class (entering class of 2019) went on its first GFT after entering the MBA program. Forty-give students visited Cornell University in the U.S. from July 7 to 14, with Professor Young-Chan Kim of Marketing as their guide.



The local professors of Cornell University gave lectures on the topics of “Fostering a Creative Culture,” “Leading with Courage,” “Corporate Social Responsibility, Strategy, and Sustainability,” and “Critical Thinking.”



The participants visited NeueHouse, a fast-growing company in New York and Los Angeles that offers work space for prominent artists, entrepreneurs, and other members of the creative community. They also went to New York City to visit the headquarters of Pfizer, which is one of the world’s premier biopharmaceutical companies.


» U.S. Loyola Marymount University: Innovation in the Entertainment Industry

The second GET was held at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles from July 29 to August 2. Thirty-eight students of the C/F/G MBA programs participated, with Professor Soon-Hong Min of Operations Management as their guide.



Local professors of LMU gave lectures on the topics of “The Art & Science of Brand Storytelling,” “The Challenge of Getting Audiences in a Fragmented Media Landscape: Hollywood’s Next Steps,” “The Future of Media and Media Finance,” and “Global Talent Management: Implications for Korean Companies.”

The students visited Electronic Arts, a game software company, as well as Disney Animation, Imax, and Google.

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