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Yonsei-CMC Leadership Program Builds Friendships Across Cultures
Date: 2019-08-27  |  Read: 827

An intensive five-week joint leadership program between Yonsei University and Claremont McKenna College (CMC), Los Angeles, USA, started June 30 and successfully ended August 3.



A key element in the Yonsei-CMC Leadership Program is a residential aspect that pairs students from the two schools as roommates, an arrangement that offers opportunities to enhance their global perspectives and expand their networks with persons with different cultural backgrounds.

Seo-Young Lee (entering class of 2019, Business) who participated in the program said the biggest advantage is living with CMC students and becoming roommates for a month. Lee learned a lot in talking with a roommate of a different language and cultural background and had a great time traveling around tourist attractions. Lee said, “I have little fun memories such as eating hot chicken flavored ramen for a late-night snack.”



The Yonsei-CMC Leadership Program is also a great opportunity to experience different lecture styles and atmospheres in classes conducted by professors from both schools. Juliana He from CMC said, “Classes at CMC are conducted mainly through student participation, while classes of Yonsei are conducted mainly through student presentations based on the professors’ lectures.”

The topics covered in the academic portions of the program were based on current events and issues, including North Korea–South Korea relations, U.S.-China trade disputes, and economic principles and corporate social responsibility that engaged the students in freewheeling discussions. Program participants developed their ability to clearly organize and communicate their ideas as well, and Yonsei participants had plenty of opportunities to improve their English.



The participants also went on a weeklong field trip to Singapore, where they were able to visit companies, talk to managers and ask questions. Doe-Yoon Park (entering class of 2019, Business) said, “After visiting Facebook, I’ve became confident about getting a job overseas and have a stronger motivation to study business.”

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