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Yonsei GMBA Night…From Networking to Career Development
Date: 2020-02-24  |  Read: 285

The "2019 Yonsei GMBA Night" in November brought together students and graduates as well as Professor Soon Hong Min, associate dean of the YSB Graduate School, and Professor Andres Guiral, director of the GMBA, for an evening of socializing, networking, and mentoring. 

Associate Dean Min welcomed the participants, explaining the purpose of the evening as, "We hope to form a network outside the classroom, through which we can get to know each other better." Professor Guiral congratulated members of a GMBA team who recently won runner-up honors at the Mahindra War Room case competition in India. 

After these welcoming speeches, Christopher Wu, president of the first-year GMBA students, organized some games designed to introduce the students and graduates to each other. These “ice-breaking” games were followed by a dinner that was accompanied by much socializing.

Dinner was followed by a career mentoring session in which students asked questions and graduates answered. Asked how Yonsei University's GMBA helped with their current career, the graduates replied that the outstanding reputation of the Yonsei GMBA helped them find jobs. Moreover, the program had helped them cultivate “soft” skills such as communication that were helpful in not only in securing jobs but also in performing their jobs. As for the question about internships, the graduates advised the students, "If you get the opportunity, you will become familiar with the Korean business environment and culture by actively participating in internships."

Jonathan Yang, an alumnus who attended the event, said, "I am happy to give advice at the event every year to my juniors, who are trying to develop their careers. Moreover, GMBA Night is a good occasion for networking in a pleasant atmosphere.”

GMBA Night aims to enhance students’ sense of belonging at YSB, encourage camaraderie, promote career development through mentoring by alumni, and expand the GMBA network through conversations between students and alumni.

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